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FileMaker users and users in a database table question

Question asked by LeeMoreau on Mar 5, 2015
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FileMaker users and users in a database table question


Hey everyone, I keep getting confused by this.  I have a database that I've moved from Salesforce, it's like a CRM so to keep it simple, here's 2 tables and a couple fields:

AccountID (primary key)
Account Name
OwnerID (look up value)
OwnerID's Manager (look up value)

UserID (mapped to OwnerID in Accounts)
Full Name
Manager ID (self join mapping back to UserID)

So for example, I'll have an account and it will show the owner based on the value in OwnerID which it looks up from UserID and so on.

Where I keep getting confused though is how to relate those database table users to FileMaker database users.  What I've been doing is making the FileMaker username match the UserID field under the Users table, so that when I make a new record I can have it populate the User field with Get(UserName) I think is what I use.  What I then do is under FileMaker Security when I manage users, under things like custom record privileges I just set limited, and then use a formula under Accounts such as "OwnerID = Get(UserName).

So that definitely works fine, but I just wanted to check if that's how you should properly do it.  The reason I need users in the actual database is because I need information from those users to populate into the database.  So when a user makes a record, it fills in about 5 fields using values from their user table.  So all is working, just wanted to see if this is basically the right way.  Thanks!