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FileMaker vs. MS Access

Question asked by Larry_1 on Mar 21, 2012
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FileMaker vs. MS Access


I'm looking for a database solution and I was going to use FileMaker, or have somebody else use FileMaker to build it for me so I can continue to use my Mac for biz purposes; but now somebody has told me that I should use MS Access because it is more powerful and I can grow with it in ways I will not be able to with FileMaker. But I am loathe to use MS Access since I don't like having to use a PC or go to a Windows partition on my Mac.

So, I thought I'd ask here. Is FileMaker as powerful and feature rich as MS Access? I know this is a subjective question, sort of like asking which is better a Mac or PC...but still I'm trying to decide between FM or Access and I'm not a programmer, just an ordinary user and I don't know.