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FileMaker vs. PageMaker

Question asked by 1parkpointer on Nov 19, 2009
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FileMaker vs. PageMaker




I don't have either of these software programs, but I have a need to make several forms for an upstart business.  Several years ago (@38-years to bring it into the neighborhood of time) I redesigned and standardized an entire catalog of forms (about 150 different forms) while I served for Uncle Sam, using a Vari-Type machine.  The process though time consuming and archaic by todays standards was exact and forms came out looking very good. 

I would like to know if anyone has experience using FileMaker for designing and making forms.  I have looked at various companies that sell pre-printed forms finding only a couple really work for us, but for the most part, we'd be spending a bunch of cash.  We'd like to keep the outlay of expense to a minimum since we're just starting out.


I am using a late 2006 Intel 24-inch iMac computer.  I do have iWork with the Pages (2008 version) word processor and MS's Office 2008 for Mac Student & Home that has Word & Excel.  I am just beginning to understand the Pages program though I have not found any reference to making forms.  I have only just begun using MS Word.  I know nothing of Excel, which users says is great for making forms, I just have never used it before.


Any advice and/or help would be much appreciated!