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FileMaker Web Direct vs Instant Web Publishing

Question asked by TracyBogans on Nov 13, 2014
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FileMaker Web Direct vs Instant Web Publishing



Just wanted confirm that in the newer version of Filemaker Pro..13  you need to have Filemaker Server & Filemaker Pro 13 to use the Filemaker WebDirect features ? 

In earlier versions of Filemaker Pro ( 11, 12) you could run IWP from the client only (Server not required)  and have others access that database from a web browser. By typing in  a url example:


So my question is... Am i correct in the above statement.. In order to use Filemaker Web Direct .. you need a Filemaker server for users to connect via a browser and access data created on a client (FM Pro 13). and publish as Filemaker  Webdirect file.

IWP only required  Filemaker client and Browser

Webdirect requires Filemaker PRO, Filemaker server, and browser