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Filemaker web viewer forgets keychain password

Question asked by DanPouliot on Oct 25, 2013
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Filemaker web viewer forgets keychain password


     Last year I posted the following on Apple's discussion forums:
          I have a FileMaker database (11) that loads a password protected web page into a web viewer. Normally, FileMaker remembers the password in my keychain, so it never asks to me authenticate.
          Since upgrading to Mountain Lion, every time I restart FileMaker, it asks me to re-authenticate. Every time I check "remember this password in my keychain", to no avail.

     Others chimed in that they too were experiencing this bug. Another thread suspected this was an Apple issue:

     Well, this bug has persisted through to Filemaker 12.05 and Mavericks.

     Does anyone know anything about this issue? Does either company acknowledge the existence of this bug?