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Filemaker WebDirect issue

Question asked by ChrisC_3 on Feb 24, 2015


Filemaker WebDirect issue



I'm attempting to port my solution over to WebDirect but have ran into a snag.

It runs just fine within the FilemakerPro application but is almost unusable when used with WebDirect despite being stripped of almost all styling and scripting functionality down to its core (records in list view). After testing on different machines with vastly different specs and browsers it seems that the problem is rooted in how the browsers handle the amount of scripts required to mirror the FM layout as well as the live connection to the database. It also seems that WebDirect ignores some text styling and alignment which makes it a pain when you're trying to save space, though this is a minor issue by comparison.

I'm fairly new to Filemaker development so there may be some things I've missed to optimise my solution for use with WebDirect.

As impressive as it is, the results WebDirect is producing for me right now make it almost impossible to use as a viable option. Any help would be much appreciated.