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FileMaker with Tableau Data Issue

Question asked by LearnFileMaker on Aug 16, 2014
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FileMaker with Tableau Data Issue



     I am trying to connect Filemaker 13 with Tableau 8.2,8.1 using ODBC. I am able to connect but when I am writing any SQL or just dragging any table to the editor, Its able to fetch the column names of the table but not the data. For data its giving me syntax error "Enclosing the snapshot".


     In the above snapshot, I am able to browse tables and get the "Candidate" Table. Its showing me all the columns of the table but when I click "Update Now" button, it giving me the above error.

     I tried to use the same odbc with "Toad Client", I am able to get the data with the same ODBC.

     I have posted the same to Tableau Forum. Here is the link.

     Please suggest.