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Filemaker Work Requests

Question asked by MikeGunn on Apr 24, 2010


Filemaker Work Requests


Am looking for an online solution for people in our department to open a trouble ticket on our own secure Citrix servers. We are looking for something that would be on our site that a user in our system can open a screen and put in all the info we need to open a trouble ticket without any other initial human intervention. That ticket would then by emailed to someone in IT to assign and track it.


Anyone accessing this on our site would already have our authorization to be on the site so there would not be any need to reauthorize anyone before they put in a request. We have about 1200 unique users that could in theory put in a trouble ticket.


Because of various legal and security issues, we don't want to use an outside vendor to do this for us. We want to keep it in-house on our servers.


Filemaker Work Requests looks promising to fill the need. However, I can find very little information about it from actual users.