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Filemaker, graphic assets and External data

Question asked by PradeillesThomas on Feb 2, 2015
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Filemaker, graphic assets and External data


Hello community.

So I started to create a solution, and I'm stuck on some point. I use Filemaker Pro Advanced + Filemaker Server and my solution will be usable via Webdirect.

So my goal is to use some graphic assets in my interface, thoses assets are used as button for exemple. As thoses assets must be shared to all user (and not be unique to each user), I placed them in External Storage, inside a table "Graphic Assets".

My first issue was that a layout without a relationship to that table was not able to display thoses assets. Ok, so I just linked this table to my hierarchy, with an id field connected as X on my other tables. Magic, any layout can display thoses assets!

But ... (yes there is a but), I just created a layout in find mode and this layout can't display thoses assets. It seems like there is no record in find mode to keep the relationship active. What can I do to display some assets, anywhere in my base AND to any user connected to the base ? Or a way to keep relationship active even in Find mode ?

Hope you guys can help me.