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FileMaker, Inc. ... WAKE UP!

Question asked by Contour on Mar 31, 2010
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FileMaker, Inc. ... WAKE UP!



FM11 is a disaster for developers -- and you have a huge Public Relations problem brewing.  Word is starting to get out to our customers about it being useless on PCs.


Has any Sr. Software Analyst looked at this tread?:  Runtime Errors

There are already 55 posts.  Developers are having to fish in the dark for a solution to a problem THAT FMI CAUSED!


Or how about this one?:  Portal Flickering
Between this Flashing Portals problem and the runtime errors, FM 11 is useless to true application developers.

FMI is really looking weak here -- as if there's a lack of real understanding of the Windows runtime environment.  Say it isn't so.  Give us answers.  Explain what technical solutions are forthcoming.

FM 11 has a lot of promise to be a worthwhile release out on the track -- but right now, it's broken down in the pits.

Here’s just a sampling of the posts so far:

We currently have 20 Runtime titles out in the market, this (FM11) really has us rethinking the future of FM as our weapon of choice. -- Rudy Cat

If however something isn't done soon, I will instead revert my systems to version 10.3 removing any benefits gained in version 11. -- boyk

For all people using runtimes, this is catastrophic, they just can't use it.  --  fabricker

I released a beta version of my latest solution which requires FM 11 this week to around 30 companies and every single one of them stated they would not use it with this problem in place. -- SWS

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people are going to fall right into this hole that they've created. -- Contour