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Question asked by Vinny on Mar 16, 2011
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Title after launch of the new databse...


So I created a database, and many people begin to use it in my office.  And oh! I found a bug.  or Oh! I should have added that feature. Or Oh! it would be easier if we...etc etc.

Anybody have any good articles or materials on how to manage your DB after you launch?

For example, I'm tryin g to understand how to update the file, and re-launch it after making my changes or fixes without losing any of the data that was entered during my development time.

Example: we found a bug in the DB.  Do I make a copy of the DB, edit it, then copy it back to the networked location? (dedicated machine on our LAN).  Can I merge changes since?  How do I handle this?

Thanks in advance for your help!