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Question asked by SteveVolow on Mar 27, 2015
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We upgraded one of our computers from XP to operating system windows 7.  Filemaker is on our server and when we installed filemaker in emulation mode in XP on the new windows 7 computer it opens fine if nobody else in our network is on it but if they are, if gives a code that we are over the installation limit.  We used to have 6 computers that could log on at once and now we are down to two as every time we install filemaker 6 into  new machine it seems to subtract one user .  We do not know how to release the license on the old computer if that is the issue.  We are a non profit and have a  free IT support  person who volunteers but is limited in his knowledge about Filemaker.  Is there a special way  to install?  Thank you for any help we can get on this.