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    filemaker8:  print labels error



      filemaker8:  print labels error


      Using FM8, setting up address labels using Avery L7159 (8 lines x 3 rows) and the labels wizard.


      Seems to want to recognise 9 rows, as bottom addresses of each column are missing (top of next column is one address further on.)


      Any advice ?



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          Thank you for your post.


          Pull down the File menu and select either "Page Setup" (Mac) or "Print Setup" (Windows).  Make sure the Paper Size matches the size of the label page.


          Next, pull down the View menu and select "Preview Mode".  This displays exactly what is being sent to the printer.  If you are still skipping a record, make your footer a little larger.  This will force the ninth record to the top of the next column.


          If you are still running into difficulty, please let me know, and provide a little more detail about your computer and printer.



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