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FilemakerPro 9:Print Setup Menu

Question asked by JohnPerreur-Lloyd on Sep 9, 2010


FilemakerPro 9:Print Setup Menu


Perhaps showing an old habit since first using Filemaker when that was all that it was called circa 1985 and updates did behave .

Just updated to 0v3 and found that changing the paper size would revert to Letter.

Spent an hour updating HP driver(why 312mb for  a driver !?). That solved nothing but gave me time for cups of coffee. But then, having for the first time selected to change the paper size through the Properties Button in Print Setup,  low and behold changing the paper size through the Size button (above the Source button) worked !

Can anyone explain why choosing the paper size from the size button it does nothing UNTIL you  go to the Properties button to effect a change ?