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    filemakersolution on 2 mac's



      filemakersolution on 2 mac's



           I run my own business.

           In (financial) size it is a small business with great potential, but for now we cannot afford to spend lots of money in development of solutions. What I do now is run standard solutions with some adaptions.

           So far it runs. I could be better (and will be in the future), but it does the job.

           My question is to do with running our db through dropbox.

           I know, it is not ideal. As long as I am watchful and close the db on all computers after usage, all is well. But, sometimes it happens that it is not the case. Even worse, the cloud solution does not alway sink directly.

           I do not have the money nor the knowhow to run FMServer, which I understand would be suited specifically for this purpose.


           Any suggestions?

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               If both computers are part of the same network, you can use two copies of FileMaker Pro (must be different licenses). One copy of FileMaker can host the file just like FileMaker server but is limited to maximum of 9 such "clients"--FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go.

               You can then keep the files on one computer but access and modify data on either machine as long as the file has been opened on the host machine.