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Filename for Files stored in container

Question asked by mmiesel on Dec 2, 2012
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Filename for Files stored in container


     Hello and thanks for reading this,

     I have a database with all data for all products I am selling. The pictures of these items I usually get in an excel table, and I simply drag & Drop it into the container field in my filemaker. They get stored openly somewhere else on my computer. (C:/Products/Pictures). That works already.

     The problem is, due to I take the pictures out of an excel table, they do not have a filename. So in my folder they all carry the same name "Untitled_XX". 

     Is there any way, to change the filename to the itemnumber (field in my database) or something? 

     I am trying this the whole day already, and could not find any information on the web.

     Thank You!