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Files aren't Visible on FM 10 Server

Question asked by JasonMoore on Oct 18, 2012
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Files aren't Visible on FM 10 Server



     At my office, we run all Macs and have FM Server Pro 10 installed on a Mac Min and all of the Imacs access files off of this remotely.  We are all running fm pro 10.  My Imac is running mountain lion and everyone else has snow leopard and one person has Lion.  All of the Imacs including the one I use running mountain Lion can open filemaker, Open Remote, click on the local host, then the files all appear in available files.  

     Here is my problem -- I just bought a brand new Mac Book Air.  Installed FM Pro 10 on it.  I can get on my network and access files on this drive, but when I open Filemaker and do the exact same thing, the host appears, but the available files bos is blank.  When I login to the acutal hard drive the server is on and try to open the files from the folder they are in, I click on the file name and a box comes up - saying the file name in " " followed by a message could not be opened.  Then in parentheses (not found).  

     Upgrading not an option at this point for the office.  7 people plus server too expensive for us right now.