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Files on Previous Version Lost?

Question asked by MeganBlock on Mar 13, 2015
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Files on Previous Version Lost?



I recently had to wipe my Apple iMac back to factory settings due to a machine fault.  I backed up all my files including my FileMaker files.  When I reinstalled all my files all 3rd party applications had to be reinstalled also meaning I had to reinstall FileMaker Pro. 

I did this from the disk I have.  I then tried to open my FileMaker files and a message appears saying 'This version 11.0 was created by version 12.0 of Filemaker and cannot be opened by this version. Please use version 12.0 to view this file'.

Can someone help me and tell me how to upload 12.0 as I wasnt aware I ever even had 12.0 in the first place.