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    Files will not open!!!!!



      Files will not open!!!!!


      For some reason , I went to go open my FileMaker databse file that I have and it will not open, it flashes the window quickly, brings me to a main window, where I can choose recent files, and shows me this message..
      Any idea what I can do to resolve this?
      Really don't feel like creating a new databse after all the time and effort put in to it (hours!!!!) 




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          Have you try "Recover" under file menu?

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            OSX?  a Google for the error message brought up this

            A FileMaker Pro application has Instant Web Publishing enabled.  FileMaker Pro is then closed.  To launch or open the application, you drag a database onto the application icon or the user double clicks a database.

            In previous versions, launching FileMaker Pro in this fashion would produce a port conflict dialog.

            In FileMaker Pro 11 and later, the port conflict dialog appears along with an additional message:

            “The document “<file name>” could not be opened. FileMaker Pro cannot open files in the “FileMaker Document” format.”

            This is an issue that is currently be investigated and does not have a set resolution at this time. 

            However, please note that the issue only occurs when FileMaker is closed and the drag/drop or double clicking a database methods are used to launch it.  As a workaround, launch FileMaker first through the Applications folder or the application icon within your dock and then drag/drop or double click a database to launch a file.