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Files, Media, etc.

Question asked by Jeff123 on Jul 14, 2009
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Files, Media, etc.


I am currently trying out both Bento 2 and Filemaker, and as much as I like Bento 2 so far, it does not give me enough to truly customize the database (and more-so, it will not lock the fields so if you click it all those boxes won't show up).  


There is one thing I really really like about Bento though (other than it being real easy to use), and that is the media field, file list, and message list... the drag and drop features are great!  But I cannot seem to find it on the more advanced Filemaker program.  Is it not included in the trial, or just not a feature?  If it is a feature, how would I set it up?


I am currently using this for Mac.