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    Fill down and select multiple cells



      Fill down and select multiple cells


      Can't find this info in previous posts -

      How can I select multiple cells in table view, then do a fill down, or fill right?

      A little more info-

      I am trying to replicate Excel functionality, and am new to FM and NOT a software developer (although I am getting the hang of scripting).

      We use Excel for resource allocation but have pushed Excel to it's limits with lookup fields and named fields that constantly break due to multiple users of the file.

      So far I have just re-created the spreadsheet layout with deliverables/resources in rows and months in columns, we then specify percentage of resource per deliverable per month, then subtotal a range of month columns. However, we like the fill-down and fill-right functions in Excel which allow speedy entry of repeating values. 

      The suggestions so far sound more complex than just selecting a range of fields and filling.

      Any other ideas, or any other suggestions for designing this database to do what I need it to do?



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          u create a check box(put a value in it, say 1), for each of your column, and put it in the header part, and also create a check box(put a value in it, say 1) for a row, and put it in a row in body part. This way, while filling a cell, check for its row and column check box, whether it is 1 or empty, if it is 1 then perform whatever operation u want, else simply reject the case.

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            You might want to look into Replace Field Contents. This only fills down and will affect all rows visible in your table, but if you can first perfom a find or use omit record to omit the records you don't want changed, you can then fill a given field of the remaining records with the same value, a serial number or even the results of a calculation that puts a different value in every record. Make a back up copy and read about this tool in FileMaker help first before you try to use it.

            A horizontal fill is a much more unusual option. Filling all fields to the right with the same value seems a bit strange to me, but if that's what you want, you'll likely need to use a scripted approach that combines go to field next, with insert field to put the same value in each such field. If this is not what you meant, please respond in more detail as their might be a different approach that does not require a script for this.