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    Fill down data in Table view



      Fill down data in Table view


      I used Filemaker extensively, YEARS ago, but obviously things have progressed. I now have to re-create a database that worked wonders for me, and have run into my first glitch, that I'm sure is easy to fix. In table view, I have a checkbox. That checkbox is used for visually selecting records. How do I "fill down" those checkboxes to a number of records (like you would in a spreadsheet), and then, how do I de-select them as a group later on? Couldn't find the answer in the documentation, perhaps I am using the wrong verbage.

      Otherwise, things are going well so far.

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          In any view you can use Replace Field Contents. This is NOT a drag and drop process identical to that in Excel.

          First do a Find for all the records you want to change (and only those records).

          Then in any record of the found set change the data in the field you want to update, leave the cursor in that field and select the Replace Field Contents.

          If the dialog box shows what you intended (you have three choices) the click OK and let 'er rip.


          I cannot caution enough to always make a backup of your file before doing a replace as there is NO undo for this command.

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            Is there no way to drag down the value? Even in Bento, one can drag the right corner, down to as many records as one wants, and it replaces, or replicates that data. (Keep the table view in mind when I am mentioning this).

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              You may have to hit me in the head with a 2x4, but lets say I am selecting records with a marked checkbox. Using your example, how would I simply un-check the checkboxes? Finding the marked records (checkbox was checked) was easy enough. I did use a calculated result, by just putting in a " " space, and that worked, but is that the proper way to do it?

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                To deselect or actually remove all the data in that checkbox field put the cursor in the checkbox field and hit the Delete key.

                The correct way to make a field empty is the two quotes with no space in between, if you try to do a Find for empty fields it will fail because the space counts. 

                Check boxes can be difficult to figure out in FMP, for instance if you have your value list set to Yes No and then you decide to change No to Maybe in the value list, any record that had a No in that field will still have a No in that field the only records that would have a Maybe would be new ones. It is good to have a plain edit box of your checkbox field handy to see what is really in the field, for instance you could use it to do a Replace of the No records to Maybe or to search for empty fields you have to put an equal sign in the field when in Find mode, but you can't do that in a checkbox field.   

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                  Thanks Bumper! Back in the "old" days I actually did some pretty nifty scripts to handle a lot of this stuff, so look forward to trying some of this again. NOW I remember the empty field command. Told you I would need a 2x4 on the head!