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    Fill register by pages (step by step)



      Fill register by pages (step by step)


      Hello everyone,



      I'm trying to make my database more user friendly and more secure.


      For that I wanted to create a layout or a set of layouts that could be used to introduce data in the same register.


      I was thinking of using a page system that would guide the user step by step on how to fill the information.


      The user would just have to finish step 1 and click next to go to step 2 and so on.


      Is this possibe to do? Do I need to use scripting?


      I will be very thankful if you can help me.


      Best regards,

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          Howdy socio.T,


          That is certainly possible to do.  You would simply make many layouts contain a few fields instead of one layout having many fields.


          In order to start your process, you would want to consider limiting the person to only the new record thru a script like:

          New Record/Request

          SetVariable [ $ID ; Value: IDField ]

          Enter Find Mode

          SetField [ IDField ; $ID ]

          Perform Find []


          This will help avoid from scrolling through existing records and limit them only to the new record.  If they hit "Show All Records", however, it will undo the script.


          Each button on each page can have the function "GotoLayout [nextlayoutname]" either as a single function or as a script.


          Note: the find script presupposes that you have a uniqueID field called "IDField" which is an autoentered serial#.



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            Hey Ninja,


            Thanks a lot for the help. Sorry for the late reply but I've been out of the office (had some sick days :-( ).


            Your idea seems really cool, but I'm worried that if they are inserting data on a new register already, this can lead into human errors. Like having records not properly filled or incomplete if they don't go trough all the steps.


            Meanwhile I had another idea, but not sure if it will work or how I can make it simple.


            What do you think of this?


            Having them inserting the new register information into a global fields table and only when they get to the end of the process and confirm the data it would copy this into a new field in the correct tables.

            This would ensure that data would only inserted in a new register if the user is absolutely sure that it is correct.

            The problem is that if I have lots of fields I have to make a very long script that includes the copy of each global field content to the correct field and table.


            Let me know if you think we can pick something of the two ideas or which one would work best. Maybe my idea it's to much complicated.



            Thank you very much for the help.



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              From the line of your thinking, I take it you would prefer to delete the partially entered information rather than allow a partially filled record.  Is this the case?


              One way to confirm that the fields are filled in is to set a validation on the required fields of "not empty".  This should address the partial-data-entry concern.  Having a script to move data from one set of fields to another seems way overkill.


              If a person fills in 20 fields, but not the other 10, then tries to close FMP, a "not empty" validation will bleep at them and not let them leave the record or the application until they finish. (Short of a ForceQuit or EndTask).  You could then put a "Cancel Entry" button on the layout that lets them delete that record and start over or leave.


              Having the data be correct....well....what rules apply to automating a check for validity?  Dates within a range? Amounts that total other amounts...?  You can build them into the validation as well.  No system is going to be fully typo-proof, how rigorous does your application need you to be?  Will the global scenario avoid typos?  I don't figure it will, just make building the dbase harder.


              Think through what constant rules you would have on each field and look into setting validation requirements on the fields themselves.  See if that doesn't get you where you want to go.


              What do you think?

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                I totally understand that  copying the fields from one side to the other must be a little overkill.


                How would I use this script you tell me, in case I have serial number to generate "On Commit"?


                I have this serial number restarts every year and must be continue. If I let in generate "On creation" when the user cancels the register it will leap one number, because the serial number was generated and passes to the next number the next time someone creates a record.


                That is my main challenge for now.



                Thank you for your help.


                Best regards,