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Filling Fields based on value list selections

Question asked by mdphillips on May 2, 2014
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Filling Fields based on value list selections


     Sorry if this has been asked before.  I'm trying to create a field calculation to auto fill based on a value list selection from a related table.  I set up a layout for data entry for a base camps.  I have related tables for the camps and base contacts.  I set up the portal section to populate the contacts table and it seems to be working fine.  My next goal is to have the "Current Staff" section auto fill based on selection from the position value field. In plain English what I want is:  If the "Position" value is "Commander" use "FullName" in the Commander field.  Unfortunately I'm still trying to grasp how to say that in filemaker. I would want to do the same for the phone fields.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.