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    Filling in blank fields in a report



      Filling in blank fields in a report


      Mac 10.5.8, Filemaker 10.0v3, Single user. Have built several databases, real weak on scripting.

      What I have is a report, that will have blank fields. What I would like to do is when a field is blank, have it insert "Not Applicable" into the blank field. How would I do this


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          If this is a data field, use field options to auto-enter "not applicable" into the field. This way the field starts out with that text as the default value.


          Put the layout text "Not Applicable" on top of or underneath the field in question. Use a conditional format to hide/reveal the text based on whether the field is empty or not.

          You can hide text via a conditional format by either changing the text color to match the background or by specifying a very large text size (such as 200-300 points).