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Filling in web forms from records.

Question asked by HounDog on Sep 22, 2009
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Filling in web forms from records.


I will start by stating this less about FileMaker and more about working with other applications from FileMaker.  I will also plead ingnorance about most things "web", as may be apparent after reading my question.  Soo...

We are a nonprofit social service agency who maintains all of our data in FileMaker and has no real desire to change.  We will be participating in a project aimed at helping people maintain their existing housing or obtain new housing.  However, as part of that program they would like us to enter some basic client data (most of which we already collect in our current database) into a regional database system so it can be accessed by others.  We're O.K. with this, but their system has very limited capability to upload data remotely and we're looking at having to double-enter the data, once in our system (we have other clients and other funders to report to) and once in their system.  Their system is web-based and I've been around and around with them about creating a simple upload, but it ain't going to happen.

So my question is, can anyone suggest a way we might be able to "auto-enter" the data to their system from ours?  I guess I'm looking for a way we could complete the record in our database, possibly export as xml or some other format, then create a record in their system and have the appropriate fields (about 15) populated with "the click of a button?"

I realize much of this may be kind of vague so if you would like additional information please ask.  BTW, we're running FileMaker 10 server and Pro.  Thanks in advance for your input.