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filling of different addresses in portal field

Question asked by smeagol on Jul 21, 2010
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filling of different addresses in portal field


please help....

I have two portal field.One communiction type,which is a drop down box  containing "phone,email,fax...." as commn type.Another a text field  communiacatin.
I want......when i'll click one communication type from the  drop down box,then it should go to the communication field and ll take  the the respective contact....and save different contact for different  communication type.

e.g when i'll click phone as communication type,it should take ph  no in communication field.again when i''ll change it to email id as  communication type,then the communication field should be empty and  it'll take the email address.similarly all communication type should be  filled.Later when i'll click any communication type in the communication  type field,it should show the respective contact address/phone in  communication field..