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Filmaker Pro 10 script to open iPhoto

Question asked by JohnShortridge on Jan 22, 2011
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Filmaker Pro 10 script to open iPhoto



I have a script for Filemaker Pro, made with an older version than the version I have which is V10. It opens iPhoto,

and will bring up an iPhoto 'Event' based on the date range of the pictures in the Event. The idea is to use Filemaker Pro to organize the textual content of the photos. Date, location, content name, GPS coordinates for the location, etc.

I acquired the script I'm trying to use from a friend who successfully uses it with his version of Filemaker Pro.

It will not work with 10. So I've tried a variety of things to try to get it to work with 10. After calling tech support for Filemaker Pro, I was informed that 10 had some new features that would not allow old scripts to be used.

Anyway, I have no knowledge of how to script, but am willing to learn. 

My objective is to #1. be able to click on the Filemaker Pro entry description and have it open iPhoto to display that Event based on the date range of the photos. #2. I'd also like to be able to plug in the GPS coordinates so that Filemaker would open Google Earth and show the location of where the photos were taken. But #1. is my priority for now.

I have the details of the existing script I can share. Or, I can write a brand new script if I have the information on how to do that.