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Filmaker web Pubishing

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Jun 4, 2010
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Filmaker web Pubishing


Hi  Guys

I have developed Filemaker Solution and want to intergrate with the web browser , i tried php site assistant on FM server, it creaes the Site But it change the Layout the way  temple wanted.... I dont want to do this. i just want to move exacly the same layout in Filemaker Pro to the web page. i have tried instant web publishing. But it wasant successfull ( some of the  my requrements are not working in IWP ).  another thing i have 52 Seperate Filemaker Files( thease files should abel to accesible from the web browser).


any ideas ?, can some one suggest me the which path shoud i move forward ?


thanks in advance




I am Using FileMaker Server 10 Advanced / FMPro 10.0.3 / Mac Os X 10.6 Client/ Mac Os Server 10.5.8/Php 5.3 on server