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Filter > 0 Problem in 12

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Jun 26, 2012
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Filter > 0 Problem in 12


Just ran into a portal filter problem with 12. I set the filter for Balance Due > 0 and it did not filter out the balance due <= 0 lines. I had to change the calc for Balance Due.

Old Calc: Balance due = Amount - Paid (sum(payments::amountpaid)

New Calc:  Balance due = Round ( Amount - Paid (sum(payments::amountpaid) ; 2 )

Since now division or multiplication is involved and all of the numbers are two digit decimals, the round should not be needed, right?

Well, this smells like that old problem from 15+ years ago where in the 16th or so decimal places random digits appeared until someone fixed this. Quite noticeable in a spreadsheet.

4 / 2 = 2.00000000000000023543

Of course this could be something else...

Anyway, I suggest re-considering your filters and calculations in such instances.

Was it Richard Pryor who stared in the movie as the programmer who uncovered this problem in his bank employers program and became quite rich?