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Filter a layout with a pop-up menu

Question asked by DougieReid on Jul 15, 2012
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Filter a layout with a pop-up menu



I have a table 'Holiday' with a field 'endDate' of type Date.

On my main layout for Holiday I was wanting to filter the data. The default filter would show only current Holiday data (Holidays with a endDate >= Today), and there would be an option to view non current Holidays, and an option to view all data.

It would be nice to see which mode you are in so I thought a pop-up menu with the options:

Live data

Non current data


would work well. Depending on what is selected the layout would display live data (the default on loading the layout), non current or all, with the pop up menu showing which sub set of the data was currently being viewed.

Is this something that is possible in FileMaker?

Many Thanks, Doug