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Filter a List View?

Question asked by Vinny on May 24, 2011
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Filter a List View?


I have a table "parts".  This mainly used to define the parts we have sold or have on order.  However, I am implementing a quoting system, which will allow the user to add a part to a quote.

We are a make to order business, so our parts change on almost every order.  Therefore, when a person adds a part to a quote, I would like the system to make a duplicate of that part, and allow the user to modify it for the quote.  That way, the part "as quoted" never changes in the system, and a history can be found about what was quoted (even if the main part is modified, the quote still shows what was quoted).

Once the part is assigned a part number, it is considered "production" level. can put a part on a quote that is not really complete or production ready, it's just an "estimate".

I have a parts list (list view layout), which shows all of the parts and some key fields.  However, I only want this list to show those parts which have a part number assigned.

Is there a way to filter a list view layout (only parts with a part number) rather than using a portal?  It seems I would have to do this via a relationship configuration, but I am not sure how.