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Filter a Value List based on a related field being empty?

Question asked by pinchvalve on Jun 20, 2012
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Filter a Value List based on a related field being empty?


New Filemaker User here, and I have been able to find answers to most questions so far, but not this one.  

I have a table for orders, and one of the fields is the salesperson that booked the order.  That information is pulled using a value list that is based on the "Name" field in my Salespeople table.  Also in that table, I have a field for "Inactive".  This field is normally blank, but when a person becomes inactive, this field is checked and then contains "yes".

I want the value list to only display active salespeople, but just can't seem to make it work.  (I can't see how a conditional value list would work because the fields are inthe same table, and trying to add a calculated field is not working because of the field being blank. I also can't use an if then else, because there is no else option that I want.) 

I think this should be as simple as adding a filter somewhere, but I can't seem to dedicate my remaining working brain cells to work on it together.  (Darn you Tequila!)