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    filter by checkbox



      filter by checkbox



      Is it possible to have a field, which displays all types entered in the typefield as checkbox. Then I could check or uncheck the types and FM filters me, and only shows checked types. 

      Ex: I would have cars. FieldA shows me type (mustang, pickup, yaris, corolla) and Field B the brand (Ford, Toyota)
      I need FieldC which should show me Ford, Toyota which a checkbox. If I check Ford, FM should show me only Ford cars. 

      How can this be done?


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          This can be done, but the potentially variable number of values that will increase as you add more types can cause a problem as check box and radio button formatted fields have a fixed size. If you set up a "use values from field" value list, you may end up with a field that can't display all the check boxes or radio buttons. There is, however, a way to handle that situation. I'll include a link to a special exploration file that includes demos of what looks like a check box field formatted with a scroll bar at the end of this post.

          To answer your main question, yes, such a field (either the standard field of check boxes or the "scroll bar" version) can be used to either filter a found set of records or a related set of records displayed in a portal.

          To use check box values to filter a found set, see the examples at the end of this thread: Scripted Find Examples

          To filter a portal, this can be done without any scripting if you use the check box field as match field in the relationship. You can also reference the values in the field in a portal filter expression.

          The download link that I promised: "Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection".