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    Filter data from  Portal view



      Filter data from  Portal view


      Hi , I use Filemaker 11 on windows and mac. my problem ,

      01. I have 4 tables ,
      I. CL name
      II. Agent
      III Agent Certifications
      IV. CL Certifications

      CL Certifications is caring sub records of CL name  like this

      CL name : test 01
      CL NAME : ABCD

      CL Certifications for test 01 : test01cer1/ test01cer2/test01cer03
      Agent Certifications all so the same

      1st we create the agent and we create the agent certification

      we create the Agent called MAX01
      then we create the MAX01's Agent's certification  . those are smiler to CL Certifications
      like this, but it can me different too.

      MAX01 has test01 cer1/
      MAX01 has test01cer2/
      MAX01 has test01cer3
      MAX01 has ABCD CERT01 etc//.

      so if i have another agent called max 2 . max02 also have smiler records like max 01.
      MAX02 has test01cer3
      MAX02 has test01cer4
      MAX02 has ABCD CERT01
      MAX02 has ABCD CERT02

      my question is How to filter the ABCD certification list from CL menu ?

      MAX01 has ABCD CERT01
      MAX02 has ABCD CERT01
      MAX02 has ABCD CERT02

      i want to filter this answer using Portal view.

      any tips

      Thanks in advance