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Filter date appointments to one single field

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Apr 25, 2012
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Filter date appointments to one single field


Hello , i am working on soilution that have table called "diary", this is how diary works. simply user can spelect the date and enter time manually and select the customer list from the drop down menu.

What i am looking for
I need a layout like ical style and show all  the  appointments of that mounth. 

for example, Lets assume i have 2 appointment  for  the same day , in diary table this is 2 seperate records , But i like to see this day appintments in side 01 field. 

Can someone help me with this ?

what i understood we need to have 2 tables, and the relation ship should be X, but i dont know how to filter multiple appintments of day into 01 field.