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Filter Day of Week sales by location

Question asked by laguna92651 on Jun 24, 2015
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Filter Day of Week sales by location


I have the following relationships setup. I am summing the sales from the dash_INVOICE occurrence based on the day of the week the invoice was written, the day is extracted from the invoice date for a given year. The summed field, csum_InvoiceSale, is in the dash_DAY_OF_WEEK occurrence, this is then placed on a portal on the dashboard, showing sales by Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc., this works fine.

I would like to also filter the csum_InvoiceSale on the dash portal by location, what would be the approach to apply this filter. The location field is also on the dash_INVOICE, I would like to filter by one of 3 locations or show all locations, ideally I would like to handle additional locations automatically, not hard wire the locations in.