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Filter one of one-to-many

Question asked by MikeF on Oct 25, 2011
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Filter one of one-to-many



tblCompanies relevant fields: CompanyID / CompanyTypeID / Company [text]

tblCompanyType fields: CompanyTypeID / CompanyType [text]

CompanyTypeId / CompanyType =

1 / Accounting

2 / Advertising

3 / HealthClub     [and so on…]


In an Access form – frmAdvertising based on tblCompanies – I can use a Filter in the properties for CompanyTypeID as the number “2” [Advertising] and only those records from tblCompanies will be represented in that form.

***Could also base the form on a query of tblCompanies, with criteria as “2” in CompanyTypeID.

Either way, anything in that form including Sub-Form [Portal] records would only pertain to CompanyTypeID “2” [Advertising].

How can this be accomplished in Filemaker Pro 11?


-          Mike