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Filter Popup from data on another layout

Question asked by Spike41 on Nov 27, 2010
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Filter Popup from data on another layout


Hi all.

I have a Layout that shows data for a Company.  A company may have multiple locations.  All of their locations are also shown on this layout using a Portal.  I have a table with Company info  and another with Location info.  They have a relationship via CompanyID in each table.

Now, on the company page I have a new order button.  This button takes me to a new layout where I can enter order information.  On the new order layout I have a Popup field that list all of the locations.  

Problem:  ALL of the location show in the popup for every company in the DB.

What I Need:  I only want the locations listed in the Popup that are related to the Company I was viewing when I clicked the New Order button.

Any thoughts?