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Filter Portal and Select Record from Portal

Question asked by david583 on Jan 1, 2010
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Filter Portal and Select Record from Portal


I have a graphics table in my solution that is used by other tables. The layout I'm trying to acheive I have only seen using custom functions(seedcode example) but I am using Pro with no chance of the boss buying advanced. I was hoping there was another way of acheiving it.


In the layout there is a large thumbnail of the graphic and fields for all of its details. I also have a portal showing small thumbnails and titles only. This portal is based on a cartesian (x) relationship using the primary key field so it currently shows all the records and selecting one does not select the same record in the main view.


What I would like to acheive is to have them both work together, i.e. if a record is selected in the portal I want that record and its details active in the main view, and vice versa the record in the main view be the active record in the portal.


I also want to sort by category i.e. when view all or a category is selected I only want to show the records in both instances that match the category filter.


Is there a way to acheive this without the use of custom functions? I have been able to filter the portal but it did not relate to the main view as all records were available.


Thankyou in advance for your help.


P.S. I should mention I am using FM Pro 10, not advanced. I am using a Windows XP platform over a network with the server acting as host, all users have licenced copies. I have been learning FM as I go with the aid of forums, and the FM tutorials. I am a technician, (the one who'll build it for them for free) not a developer.