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Filter portal based on count of records in data range

Question asked by NorbertKowalski on Nov 19, 2011
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Filter portal based on count of records in data range


I am building a system for booking of rooms.

My database layout (simplified for this problem) is:

Table rooms

id_room - unique, auto generated 
id_type - type of room, linked to room_types [
other_data] - number, floor, etc

Table room_types

id_type - unique, auto generated
beds - how many beds are in the room
[other_data] - misc info

Table reservations

id_reservation - unique, auto generated
id_room - links to rooms::id_room
id_person - links to people::id_person (table not related to current issue)
date_from - when does the person checks in; sets global field globals::date_from
date_to - when does the person checks out sets global field globals::date_to

What I am trying to achive, is to have a portal (I think it is a best solution here) on "create reservation" layout where, after selecting reservations::date_from and reservations::date_to the user would get a list of rooms that have at least one free bed in given time range.

The filter would be something along the lines of

if (
  count reservations::id_reservation > room_type::beds
    globals::date_from =< reservations::date_from =< globals::date_to
    globals::date_from =< reservations::date_to =< globals::date_to
) return false

Meaning, find any reservations already made, see if the one I am creating starts or ends within the existing one. If there are more matching reservation that there are beds, do not show this room on list.

In theory, all is peachy. I just cannot get the filtering script to pass the syntax checks.

I am using global fields, since the system will be deployed using instant web publish, and I forsee having to do the reservation proces in two steps, since there will be no dynamic portal filtering on web.

Once again, I would be gratefull for any help or hints anyone could provide. I am using FM pro adv 11.