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    Filter portal by global field



      Filter portal by global field


           I have a portal that acts as a diary (based on a table called "diary"). I have global field called Chosen_date. I would like to dynamically filter the portal so that it only shows the values in the portal that match the value of the global field.

           So if the global field showed the value 24th May 2013, only the events on that date would show in the portal. thanks





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               Hi Kaps

               You have not mentioed which version of Filemaker you are using. If the version is 11/12 then there is already a portal setup to filter the records. You can just add there Portaltable::EventDate= Table::global field.



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                 Thanks. I am using Filemaker 12 and have been using this - but it is not dynamic. i.e changing the global field does not  automatically change the records that are shown in the portal.

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                   There are two ways to do this: With a portal filter or by including the global date field as an additional match field in the relationship. If you use a portal filter, you will have trouble getting the portal to update to show the correct set of related records.

                   The Refresh Window [Flush Cached Join Results] script step should force the portal to update, but this causes a lot of other updates to happen with a potentially unacceptable delay in getting the layout to refresh.

                   This will not happen if you include the field as a match field in the relationship instead of using a filter. Or you can keep the filter, but include the field anyway in the relationship with the X operator instead of =.

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                     thanks. I will investigate and get back to you. Much appreciated.

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                       Thanks - using the field as the match field gets the correct result.