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Filter Portal from Multiple Relationships Away

Question asked by AnnieT on Feb 25, 2010
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Filter Portal from Multiple Relationships Away


Hi I'm using FM 10 on Windows.  After searching for some info on this topic and coming up dry I decided to post about it.  I can successfully create and filter portals that are directly related to each other, but I have not yet been able to filter a portal showing records on the other side of a join table or multiple relationships away. 


For example I have the table "Clients" related to "Assign Client to Project," related to "Project," related to "Assign Talent to Project," related to "Talent."  All of the keys used for these relationships are serial numbers.



From a layout using the table "Clients" I want to see a list of all the talent who have been associated with all of the projects that this contact has, but I only want the talent name to appear once in this list even if the talent has worked for this client more than once.  This works fine when I create a portal to view records from "Talent."


Now I want to filter this list based on information stored in "Assign Talent to Project."  In that table I have a field called "status_talent," that lets you choose either "submitted" or "booked" as values in the field and it tells you the talent's status on a single project.  Now, on the layout using "Clients" with the portal that shows records from "Talents" I want to filter based on all the talent who have ever been submitted to this client or all the talent who have ever been booked by this client. 


I've been experimenting with global fields in my main table and in my join tables, experimenting with new table occurences, and I can't seem to figure out how to do this.  I'm sure it must be possible though!  I would appreciate any help or insight into this.  I'm really looking forward to getting this working!