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Filter portal issue

Question asked by ultranix on Jan 3, 2011
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Filter portal issue


I have a FORM layout (my problem would be gone in LIST view, but it would also remove most of the interface), in which I placed portal of players and pop-up menu, the value in which determines which players from which team are shown. For that I use global field and filter portal option.

I also have some stats and averages next to players. Below the portal, I have a summary-like row, where averages of all the players are shown. I tried to make it dynamic and update depending on what team is currently shown (filtered in portal) and for that I use one-line, no-field portal with the same filter portal formula as the portal with players above. But I just doesn't work.

I am having self related table occurence, and all the records in that particular layout are shown no matter which record is current. I use only one table for all the stats, just different occurences, but I believe it's enough have two table occurences (main and related table, both are occurences of the same table) to make this work.

How do I make it work?