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    Filter portal issue (does not update)



      Filter portal issue (does not update)



           1. I use main table (PAY) and table occurence of other table (BASE_top_bar) and they are linked like this:

           PAY::account_create x BASE_top_bar::account create, so that all records from BASE_top_bar should be visible, if needed.

           2. The layout is based on PAY table, and i added a portal, which is based from BASE_top_bar

           3. I have button, which performs a script to update top bar - portal (in which i only use picture, that is image container field, BASE_top_bar::picture)

           4. I use Filter Portal with such expression: BASE_top_bar::id_conta = BASE_top_bar::xid (global storage text field)

           5. So the button script, mentioned in section 3 or my description basically updates the BASE_top_bar::xid, so that it could display the picture of right record in BASE table.

           But it doesn't. It only updates the right picture after i go to "Manage database", then i go to relationship "PAY::account_create x BASE_top_bar::account create" and click ok (with no changes!)

           What could be wrong here and how could i fix that?