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filter portal prior to version 11

Question asked by RyanBuckley on Oct 29, 2013
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filter portal prior to version 11


     I am trying to implement a Location history feature to an existing database of artworks. I'm working with the following set-up:


     Artifact::ArtifactID = Location::ArtifactID

     In the Locations table, I am thinking of adding a field "current" (binary value) or use datestamps to determine the current location.

     BUT I currently have a Location layout that gives general information about the location and has a portal listing the artworks that are in that location. My question is, if my changes to Locations means I will now be tracking previous as well as current Artworks, how can I retain the feature of viewing only the current works in a particular location?

     (My mind is still stuck in SQL thinking. I would love to select * where current = '1'...but I know this isn't the case with FMP and I'm trying to adapt to this change)

     Thanks in advance.