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Filter portal records

Question asked by eibcga on Jul 8, 2010
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Filter portal records


In the ACCOUNTS layout, I added a portal to show specified fields for all related records from LEDGER and JOURNAL.  I would also like to be able to input the date ranges.  I created two global date fields in ACCOUNTS called g_start_date and g_end_date.

In portal setup, I specified the following Boolean (True/False) formula in the filter portal records:

If ( JOURNAL::date>ACCOUNTS::g_start_date ; 1 ; 0 )

This gives me all records after the start date I specified — good.  But, when I change the start date, the records do not dynamically change — not so good.

I went a step further and replaced the above formula to specify a date range.  This formula was accepted, but the result did not work at all (the portal showed all related records, not just the records from the start date).

Case ( JOURNAL::date ≥ ACCOUNTS::g_start_date ; 1 ; JOURNAL::date ≤ ACCOUNTS::g_end_date ; 1 ; 0 )

I'm missing something but I don't know what.  I watched related training videos on the subject and did some searching, but no luck.

Thank you, from a beginner on FMP11 on Mac OS X 10.6.4.  Thanks for baring with my questions, I'm learning a lot since joining FM a month ago.