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Filter Portal Records by CurrentDate

Question asked by BrendanTurner on Mar 21, 2011
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Filter Portal Records by CurrentDate


Huge NOOB, so please bear with me. That also means that the answer to this question will probably be simple!

I have created a database which keeps track of Dr's appointments at a summer camp - EASY! Now I need to create a bunch of reports for it to make - not so easy.

The database has three Tables:

Patient (personal info, insurance)

Visits (diagnosis, dr. seen, date, time, diagnosis, orders)

Meds (Name of Med, dose, frequency)

Tests (a place to put test results like x-rays, lab work)

I need to create a report that gives the following data from each table for THE CURRENT DATE that the medical staff can print each day, i.e. a log of all patients seen that day and by whom:

Patient (Name, Birthdate, Health Insurance Number)

Visits (Diagnosis, Treatment, Dr. Seen)

I've set up a report based on Patient with a portal containing the fields from Visits but can't figure out how to sort the portal records so that ONLY and ALL OF the records created today will appear. Am I way off base?

What's the calculation that would only display visits made today?

(inb4 search the forums, as I've searched for about an hour now :))