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Filter Portal Records Calculation Problem

Question asked by hobbiesdeveloper on Sep 7, 2012
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Filter Portal Records Calculation Problem



I currently have this calculation set inside the Filter Portal Records but for some reason it's not filtering the records for the second option after the "or" operator. It definitely only shows the Invoice Numbers which match the Invoice Number from Order Layout.

Can I use the "or" operator in a Calculation, not sure why it doesn't work. If I remove the calculation after the "or" it will definitely work but I also need it to show the In Stocks just in case there is no Invoice Number to match it with.


shippingcenter_ORDERS::v_InvoiceNum = ShippingCenter::vInvoiceNumber or shippingcenter_ORDERS::Ship_Location  >= "Stock"


Here is the calculation, not sure why the second calculation with matching it with "Stock" does not initiate.


Please help.