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    Filter Portal Rows Drop Down List



      Filter Portal Rows Drop Down List


      I have 2 databases 1.Which contains client details 2.Inventory (stock)

      I have a portal to the Inventory from the Clients database with a drop downlist allowing me to allocate stock to that client. How can I only show items from stock that have not already been allocated to another client?

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          You need more tables to do this.

          Typical invoicing systems have this structure:


          One client can have many invoices; one invoice can have many line items and many line items can refer to the same type of item listed in inventory. The invoice template that comes with filemaker 11 can give you a fairly decent example of this.

          You can place a Portal to LineItems on your Invoices layout for listing each individual item a given client purchases. In Inventory, a calculation field such as: Sum ( LineItems::Qty ) will compute the total items sold for all invoices.

          You can also add additional fields to LineItems and use this table to track all inventory changes such as receiving new shipments or logging inventory shrinkage in a ledger format.